Wines preservation

Keep your bottles in a cool cellar, in a total darkness, if possible, in horizontal position to maintain the cork in touch with the wine. Take care of too important variations of temperature, the ideal temperature can fluctuate between 12 and 15°c. Keep your bottles at a level of hygrometry about 75 %.
The ideal temperature to serve a wine: 
We will refer to Serge Dubs’ recommendations, contained in his work dedicated to the “Grands Crus” of Alsace. Concerning the service temperature, he is one of the rare experts to make the difference between the different grape varieties and to take into account the content in sugar of the wines. So, according to the best sommelier of the world 1989, wines of Alsace must, in general, be served to a temperature between 8 and 10°C, wines the most sweetened must approach 8°C. 
Serge Dubs also draws up a list of specificities, concerning the service temperature of Late Harvests, 

Selection of Noble Grape Berries, and also Muscat and Pinot Noir.  Muscat: until 6°C – Late Harvests Selection of Noble Grape Berries: 6 - 8°C - Pinot noir: 16°C.
Ageing potential of Alsace wines: 
Wines of Alsace are undoubtedly wines for laying down, in the same way as Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. We always tend too much to consume wines of Alsace in their youth, while, very often, they would have revealed all their secrets only to the term of an ageing, naturally variable according to the quality of the vintage and the wine itself. 

Wines of Alsace TRADITION: 3-5 years
Wines of Alsace SELECTION: 3-5 years
Wines of Alsace GRAND CRU: 5-10 years
Wines of Alsace Late harvests: 10-20 years
Wines of Alsace Selection of Noble Grape Berries: 20 years or more.