The Family

The family Domain Nicollet Gérard and son is located in the municipality of Soultzmatt in a valley called " Noble Valley " Situated in the middle of this green valley on the hillside, the NICOLLET family cultivates the vines since several generations from father to son. Documents dating the end of the 19th century, testify us from the vine-growing activity of the family. After the destruction of the Alsatian vineyard by the Phylloxera, at the beginning of the 20th century, both brothers, Jean-Baptiste and Ernest reconstituted, step by step, the wine-making activity within their mixed farming estate.
Then in 1965, his son Gérard Nicollet joins the family domain and brings a new vision to the winegrowing domain. With his wife Mariette, they take the direction towards marketing of quality wine in bottles to first local, then national and European customers with the creation of real partnerships.

Today, the family vineyard is conducted by their son Marc and his partner Sara who continue to perpetuate the warm family feeling by developing unique, silky, great wines. Respect for the Alsatian and environmental traditions, innovation, quality, know how, terroir, are the key words of the Domain which will welcome you for our most great pleasure in our tasting cellar. You will be able to appreciate our full range of wines of Tradition, Selection, Grand Cru, Late Harvests and Selections of Noble Grape Berries.